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This is part of the 2nd challenge on the Hey Arnold! SaveTheJungleMovie facebook.  I'm always way late but hey I posted it.  

Siting around the table eating our meal for the day listening to my Grandma singing, "They were Kung fu fighting,  haaa," in her karate uniform when Oskar slams his fist on the table scaring all of us.

"I can't take it any more!!! I know she's not insane or has Dementia.  We all know it but why must she keep up this....this facade?  She never acted like this when Arnold was younger.  This act has been going on for maybe six years now.  They're gone and they might never get back, so stop looking up or on the bright side, and look at what's really going on with this house.  Suzie, make me a sandwich and bring it up to me please.  We need to get out of this nut house."

After all was said and done he left the table.  Everyone was shocked by his out burst.  Suzie looked horrified by this new development quickly apologized to everyone, made a sandwich, and left the table.  No one said anything. Arnold looked around at everyone.  No one could say anything.  What did he mean she was fine and that it was all an act?  This is all he could ever remember having in his life.  Then his grandma spoke.

"Kimba don't worry about it and just look up,"  and than she left the room.  Nothing felt right in the boarding house to Arnold after that night.  Not even after Oskar and Suzie left for good.  

Really dark I think.  Hope you like it  and have an adventure.


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